Teacher's Guide

Welcome to the collaboration for increased intercultural understanding.
Below please find more information, additional resources, and some guidelines.

Please use the Guest Moderator forum to ask further questions or start a teacher discussion. In dire need (tech/site/link failure or other such challenge), please contact the Facilitator at b.mir.jak@gmail.com or WhatsApp to +62811925994.

  • Tasks and activities are spread over three class “sessions” implicitly for study on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but of course may vary depending on your schedules. Let’s try to adhere to the mutually agreed timeline.
  • Virtual and offline access allows added flexibility in engagement and learning. Please bear in mind that students anxiously await replies to their posted videos and texts; do encourage your class to reply as promptly as it is feasible.
  • Individual session length depends on your class time, and asynchronous engagement depends on the student.
  • You can personalise the level of engagement based on student ability, with some students proceeding to the next session or adding more content, while others lingering with guided support on your part or more able peers.
  • You may also assign specific times of study or specific tasks in addition to those outlined in each session.
For the duration of the unit, you will become a Guest Moderator for the FORUM GROUP assigned to you.

This group will contain a mix of students, perhaps only one or two from your own class. Your task will be to:

  • engage in initial interactions on Flipgrid and the Forum posts to encourage students to participate: please post, read posts and reply to student posts to model the level of engagement.
  • encourage more able students to contribute more replies; written posts needn’t be complete essays, but should include thoughtful insight and exhibit an attempt to think critically, evaluate rather than regurgitate.
  • ensure all written posts are culturally mindful and respond if they veer from customary propriety (Flipgrid already has a built-in profanity check and will automatically inactivate a recording with common slurs the sweep script recognises.)
  • alert the Facilitator in cases of any major abuse that requires removal of the student from the group (email b.mir.jak@gmail.com or WhatsApp to +62811925994)
GUEST MODERATORS’ FORUM – Please post any queries / comments here

Exchange of introductions via Flipgrid

Exchange of article reviews, pro/con ideas and opinions via written forum posts and/or Flipgrid video recordings

Collaboration to create a reading playlist

Collaboration to create a visual presentation illustrating a negotiated answer to a guided inquiry question

FORMATIVE vs SUMMATIVE class assignments

Each teacher can assign his or her F2F class as many or as few of the optional tasks as need arises.

For example:

Session 1 reading playlist can be assigned to F2F groups of students who will collaborate in your classroom on the reading task: defining new vocabulary and expressions, or gathering and categorising information. See additional resources below for reformatted texts, vocabulary lists and quizzes.

Session 3 choices of written Paper 1 text types can be practiced formatively in your F2F class by small groups or pairs of students, or assigned as a graded summative task if the text type had already been introduced earlier in the year, or after the CFL unit ends. See resources below for text type “how to” handouts and writing tips.

Session 4-6 choices for asynchronous collaborative project can be used as a springboard for further study of another aspect of the project, depending on student interest and allotted time.