Thematic units aligned with IB English B curriculum (2020)


Intercultural communication is especially important today. The world is culturally diverse, while classrooms are often monolingual and insular. Misunderstandings and fears of the unknown arise. Differences divide. Worldview distorts. 

So connect your class! Let your students learn together with kids from another school in another city, province, state or country. Allow collaboration and mutual enrichment provide intercultural knowledge. Empower your students with greater empathy. Connect them to enhance their communication skills, share their passions, and change their lives forever.


Reading skills are integral to the unit. Students are asked to read and critically analyse provided texts, self-researched texts, and texts produced by themselves and their peers.


Listening skills are honed to great effect in order to thoughtfully reply to peer recordings, as well as during the F2F class discussions of the texts, short literature recordings included.


Speaking skills are demonstrated through recorded introductions and replies to peer opinion talks, as well as in-class F2F discussions. Further refinement occurs while deliberating on the collaborative research and through peer feedback. 


From scripts for introductions to opinion recordings, from forum discussion to collaborative product creation, and ultimately the project feedback at the end, students express themselves in writing through each step of the process.

Each collaborative unit integrates a wide variety of both receptive and productive skills, as well as soft skills needed by students in today’s world – teamwork, collaboration, astute assessment of responses, thoughtful language of opinion, agreement and disagreement. Including critical analysis of texts and insightful research, each skill is practiced in conjunction with one another to provide an overall authentic experience that enhances intercultural understanding and builds a growth mindset through perseverance and grit. Available units:

Unit 1: Human Ingenuity – Innovation in Technology
Unit 2: Identity – Lifestyles

Unit 3: Social Organisations – Education                        (Unit 4: Sharing the Planet – Are we too late to save it? coming to you soon)


  • Students and teachers log in to learning platform
  • Mixed student groups are set up 
  • Students log in to unit sessions to complete the online and offline tasks (blended learning)
  • Teachers moderate forum discussion and recordings for content and netiquette
  • Teachers facilitate F2F discussion in class and assign additional tasks if needed/desired
  • Students collaborate on a joint project to share
  • Students reflect on their learning experience


Unit 1 – 
Unit 2 – 
Unit 3 – 

Unit 1 — April 2020: Prywatne Liceum im. M. Wańkowicza, Katowice, Poland; III LO im. K.C. Norwida, Kielce, Poland.
Unit 1 — March 2020: Ghandi Memorial Intercontinental School, Bali, Indonesia, Australian International School, Vietnam
Unit 2 — March 2020: Jakarta Intercultural School, Jakarta, Indonesia
Unit 1 — November, 2019: British School of Jakarta, Indonesia; I.E. Pedro Ruiz Gallo School, Lima, Peru: Coar Ancash School, Huaraz, Peru.
Unit 3 — November 2019: Kodaikanal International School, Kodaikanal, India; Adab International School, Dubai, UAE; German International School, Mumbai, India.
Unit 1 — September, 2019: Jakarta Intercultural School, Indonesia; Madrasah Aljunied AL-Islamiah, Singapore; Li Po Chun United World College, HongKong
Unit 2 — September, 2019:
Madison International School, Merida, Mexico; Victoria Academy, Taiwan; Prywatne Liceum im. M. Wańkowicza, Poland;

Unit 2 — April, 2019:
Jakarta Intercultural School, Indonesia; Sekolah Pelita Harapan Kemang Village, Jakarta, Indonesia; Han Academy, Hong Kong;

Unit 1 — March, 2019: Chengdu Meishi International School, Chengdu, China; Australian Independent School, Jakarta, Indonesia; Gandhi Memorial Intercontinental School, Bali, Indonesia; Mentari Intercultural School, Bintaro, Indonesia; St. Andrews International School, Bangkok, Thailand.
Unit 1 — February 2019: Island School, Hong Kong; Shekou International School, Shenzhen, China; Han Academy, Hong Kong; Sekolah Pelita Harapan, Jakarta, Indonesia; Mentari School, Jakarta, Indonesia
Unit 1 — January 2019: Jakarta Intercultural School, Indonesia; British School of Jakarta, Indonesia
Unit 1 — August 2018: Jakarta Intercultural School, Indonesia; Sekolah Bogor Raya, Indonesia

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