Unit 3 Session 3

Session length and engagement with your online classmates depends on YOU, so proceed to the next session whenever you’re ready. Remember that your peers await your contributions. Help them learn with you and from you!

Session 3 PART 1: Reading Comprehension: Close reading of a feature article

Read the feature articles on gender discrimination.

1. Is school unfair to girls?
TIME article from 1992 re-posted in 2001

2. Do teachers discriminate against boys?
TIME article from 2013

Ponder: How are genders treated at school today and how were they treated in the past?

Examine the publication date and the source (e.g. who is writing? why? how reliable is this source?) 

Create a bullet point list of the main points and arguments.

Session 3 PART 2: Listening Comprehension and Oral Communication: Discussion

Listening comprehension (2 min, British accent) Gender roles – when are they engraved in a person?

Listen and watch as a class and discuss the error in closed captions.

What does the teacher REALLY say about thinking what a firefighter looks like? 

Why do kids assume they’re dressed up/fake?

THINK ToK – Social Studies/ Sociology How does this assumption influence children’s education? How does this assumption perpetuate gender inequality?

Session 3 PART 3: Oral Communication: Short explanation

Share ideas gathered from the articles on gender discrimination in Part 1 and the video you watched in Part 2. 

Include your own cultural perspective on gender roles and how they are promoted in your culture, through family, education, or other means.

Later return to this exchange and comment on 2-3 explanations. Remember to use respectful expressions of agreement/disagreement.
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EXTENSION ACTIVITIES: Formative Practice Paper 1

Research news/feature articles or TV news/reports on discrimination in education.
Write a formal letter of response to the author/editor of an article or a news report video.
Ensure you have a copy of the Paper 1 rubric to self-assess your performance.

Text type:  Formal Correspondence
Topic: Discrimination In Education
Audience: ……….
Register: ……….

           Address: ……….
           Date: ……….

           Address: ……….
           Dear Sir/Madam/Name