Welcome to Connect2Learn Unit 03

Theme: Social Organization

Topic: Access to Education

Thanks for joining this collaborative, flexible learning unit! Let’s embark together on a fascinating journey into issues of access to education and ponder how they impact our lives and those of others. Ready? Set? GO!

In a cohort of enthusiastic learners from various schools and many countries, you will wrestle with some enduring understandings about access to quality education in various parts of the world. Are you one of the lucky ones? [BTW – click on any word to highlight it and TAP your Mac track pad with three fingers to access the dictionary]

You will discuss possible answers to inquiry questions and you will inevitably pose more questions yourselves. Ponder them, absorb the variety of perspectives you will encounter, and reflect on the broad learning experience, the knowledge, and the skills that you will gain or hone during this time.

Check out the list of activities: 

Session 1,
    Session 2,   Session 3

  • Introduce yourself and meet your forum group. Download the FLIPGRID.com app to your phone & familiarise yourself with it.
  • Examine a cartoon and learn about its schema.
  • Read a short story and a few articles. 
  • Watch a few video clips.
  • Share newly gained knowledge.
  • Listen to excerpts of a documentary and TV report.
  • Explore discrimination in education by gender and race.

Session 4
  Session 5,   Session 6

  • Discuss access to education worldwide.
  • Collaborate on a creative task.
  • Share your project with other forum groups.
  • Practice writing a text type.
  • Reflect on your learning.

Ensure you also check out the Student Guide and the TOOLS page for helpful tips on apps you’ll need, and also some essential netiquette. 

Most of all, enjoy your collaborative learning and the quest for greater intercultural understanding!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.

— Izaak Walton

Meet your flexible learning facilitator, Mrs. M.

“Individual commitment to a group effort — that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”

–Vince Lombardi