Unit 3 Session 2

Session length and engagement with your online classmates depends on YOU, so proceed to the next session whenever you’re ready. Remember that your peers await your contributions. Help them learn with you and from you!

Session 2 PART 1: Listening Comprehension Party Mill

CHOICE – Watch 1 video. Afterwards, pair up with someone who watched the other video. Have a casual conversation on this topic: according to the two speakers, how does technology impact 21st century education? Then join up with another pair and continue the conversation with their input in a group of four. Mill around in a Party Mill, moving from group to group.

Listen to a 4 minute fragment of a documentary with Bill Gates in 2010. The Effect of Technology on Teen Education

Listen to a 3.5 minute talk by Jonathan Strickland explore the question Is Technology a Threat to Our Education? (3.5 min, from 2013, FW:Thinking.com)

Fw: Thinking, Jonathan Strickland explores the future of technology and education. With a rise in online classes and advanced classroom technology, we must remember that education is more than just processing information, it’s about learning how to learn!

Session 2 PART 2: Return to Session 1 comparisons on the Google docs and your class discussion. Examine your peers’ answers in Part 1 or 2 of Session 1.

  • With a F2F partner in your classroom, discuss the differences in answers provided to the various questions
  • With a partner from another school, set up a Skype, Zoom, Google Hangout or another way of live exchange of thoughts

Session 2 PART 3 FORUM:

Based on the cartoon, short story and discussion in class, and the viewed videos, post your opinion in a response to any of the questions below:

How does author of the cartoon / story construct irony? How is nostalgia evoked? What would today’s high school students be nostalgic about in 50 years?

Where do you see the future of education going?

Later, return to the FORUM to read what your virtual classmates think. Also, reply to 1-2 posts you find most intriguing.


Your teacher may ask you to listen & view more than just a 4 minute video. Here is an interesting TEDx talk and another informational video to explore the topic further. Which appeals to you more and why?