Unit 1 | Session 6

Session length and engagement with your online classmates depends on YOU, so proceed to the next session whenever you’re ready. Remember that your peers await your contributions. Help them learn with you and from you!

Session 6 PART 1:

Share your project, even if it is incomplete (share the biggest shareable part) through links on the right.

Examine other groups’ projects.

Ponder their answers and contemplate what cultural aspects could be influencing their perspectives. Discuss in class (F2F or online).

Session 6 PART 2: SUMMARY RESPONSE (all forum groups together)


1/ Post your response to the questions: What have you learned in this unit about the pace and effect of constant innovation in technology on our lives? How do/will your lives differ as a result, and why?

2/ Reply to 1-2 responses of peers with whom you have not yet interacted.

CODE: 4ad6ef2b in Flipgrid.com PASSWORD: Speak2Learn

You could pair up in the video 🙂 Or conduct a Skype/WhatsApp/Google Hangout video session & record it — then upload to Flipgrid. Be creative 🙂

Session 6 PART 3:

Fill in the reflection on your learning and collaboration.


Thank you.