Unit 1 | Session 3

Session length and engagement with your online classmates depends on YOU, so proceed to the next session whenever you’re ready. Remember that your peers await your contributions. Help them learn with you and from you!

Session 3 PART 1:

Listen to Leonard Nimoy (Dr Spock from Star Trek) read his short story “There will come soft rains” (0:00–> 15:00)

Ensure you have a printed copy of the story or open this e-book copy to read along.

Session 3 PART 2:

Watch the film version of Terry Bisson’s short storyThey’re made out of meat” (0:00–> 7:22) made by the New York Film Academy in 2007.

Ensure you have a printed copy or open this  e-book copy to read along with the author.

Compare the written text with the script of the video. Which parts are missing and why?

Session 3 PART 3: Communication Skills – virtual asynchronous discussion

Think and respond to one or more of these questions (ToK link — Economics, Science & Technology, creativity in Literature):

  • What comes first, human ingenuity in literature or development of technology in reality (think of the various fields you researched!)?
  • How does SCI-FI literature contribute to our understanding of potential effects of technology development?
  • How does literature encourage innovation in technology?

You may want to write out your ideas first in a bullet-point list. Practice your talk a few times. Try to speak rather than read a prepared text. 


EXTENSION: Explore this literary piece from 1981 if you can find it online or have access to an online public library. How do fictional stories fuel conspiracy theories? 


1/ Record your audio or video response on this FLIPGRID (FORUM GROUPS 1-3 together)

CODE: ab5d9a63 Password: Speak2Learn

2/ Listen to 2 recordings and post a reply agreeing or disagreeing with the opinions. Find appropriate expressions on THIS LIST

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