Unit 1 | Session 5

Session length and engagement with your online classmates depends on YOU, so proceed to the next session whenever you’re ready. Remember that your peers await your contributions. Help them learn with you and from you!


To what extent is innovative technology beneficial for the world? When, if at all, should it be curbed or stopped? (do not simply state the obvious “this is new technology” – really dig into the extent of the benefits and evaluate their effects/impact/implications for the future)

ToK link — Economics, Business & Management, Political Studies, Psychology. Ponder these questions: “How do we know that this new technology is innovative? How do we know that this new technology is beneficial? To whom is it beneficial?”

  • Continue collaboration in your forum group/pair and complete the elements of your plan of action/project/infographic.
  • Collaborate and cooperate synchronously (Figure it out!) and asynchronously.
  • Remember to divide up the project into smaller tasks fairly equally.
  • Keep in mind time zones and group members’ work load.
Extension activities – Writing Text Types
How do technological innovations bring positive or negative effects to our lives?

Think how similar or different are the responses of your peers from around the world. Why so?

ToK link — Sociology, Psychology, Geography

Your teacher may assign one or more of the following writing tasks for formative practice:

  • Write a personal blog or a diary entry discussing your encounter with peers from around the world. Explain how you feel about your own opinions and those of others. Ponder the intercultural exchange and the extent to which their background and location may influence their views.
  • Write a feature article for your school magazine explaining the nature of your intercultural exchange with peers from around the world and explain the benefits and potential drawbacks of such exchanges.
  • Write a set of guidelines/instructions for an audience of your peers, encouraging them to follow the innovations in technology and cautioning them on the effects of such innovations on humanity.


Feature Article on Impact of Technology on Education

You recently visited a local elementary school in which you discovered students were practicing typing skills on cardboard keyboards as there was only one desktop computer available, in the principal’s office. You noticed, however, that most of the students had phones, cheap, but smartphones nevertheless.

Pretend you are a reporter for your school newspaper and write a feature article about this lack of technology. In it explain to your readers what you observed during the trip, how you felt about what you saw, and what you think could or should be done about it.