Unit 1 DEMO Session 2

Session length and engagement with your online classmates depends on YOU, so proceed to the next session whenever you’re ready. Remember that your peers await your contributions. Help them learn with you and from you!

Session 2 PART 1: Listen to Ray Bradbury read his short story “There will come soft rains” (0:00–> 15:00) YouTube link to this audiobook Ensure you have a printed copy or e-book copy to read along with the author

Session 2 PART 2:

Watch the film version of Terry Bisson’s short storyThey’re made out of meat” (0:00–> 7:22) made by the New York Film Academy in 2007. Youtube link to the video

Ensure you have a printed copy or e-book copy to read along with the author.


Compare the written text with the script of the video. Which parts are missing and why?

Session 2 PART 3: Collaboration

Set up a smaller group of 3-4, ensuring members originate from various schools. Collaborate asynchronously (or in real-time if you wish) on a creative project of your choice:

HERE is a LIVE CHAT ROOM you can use to collaborate in real time. Words you need to know: 
  • “Zaloguj się” = Log in
  • “Twój nick” = Your nickname – please use your first name.
  • “Zapisz” = Save
  • “Opcje” = Options


1/  INFOGRAPHIC on a topic connected with innovation in technology. Focus on one choice of field: medicine, business, education, transportation, health. Check out the necessary elements and layouts of an effective, informative infographic.

Here are some template sites and infographic-making websites:


2/ CREATIVE PIECE based on either of the stories. Perhaps Bradbury’s story can be retold from another perspective? Or a prequel can be created with the inhabitants still there, perhaps the night before? What would their dinnertime conversation be about? Bisson’s story, on the other hand, is solely dialogue. See examples of filling in setting and characterisation for “They’re made out of meat” and create the story around the dialogue.

EXTENSION ACTIVITIES – Viewing and Listening Comprehension:

 Your teacher may ask you to watch a trailer of a film that illustrates innovation in technologyFILM TRAILER JIGSAW

  • Share in a chart. Write the year of release, take notes of what ideas predicted in the past – actually came true? Which – thankfully – did NOT?

FOR EXAMPLE: Back to the future II – Marty & Doc time-travel to specific date: Oct 21, 2015 → Newsweek.com article that tells what BttF II got wrong or the Gawker.com article that focuses on what BttF II got right 🙂