Unit 1 DEMO Session 1

Session length and engagement with your online classmates depends on YOU, so proceed to the next session whenever you’re ready. Remember that your peers await your contributions. Help them learn with you and from you!

First, introduce yourself to your Forum group in a 30 second Flipgrid video. (Click HERE for a quick tutorial how to use Flipgrid.com. DOWNLOAD THE APP ONTO YOUR PHONE.) Tell your new classmates where you’re from, where you currently live and study, and what is your favourite tech gadget.

Watch a classmate’s introduction and post a 10-15 second response, saying, for example “Nice to meet you.” or commenting on their favorite gadget. PASSWORD: Speak2Learn

FORUM GROUP 1 Write code in app or click fa99948c

FORUM GROUP 2 Write code in app or click 40be67e0

FORUM GROUP 3 Write code in app or click 6083eef2

Session 1 PART 1: : A list of articles to choose from.

  • How does constant innovation in technology affect our lives? THINK ToK – Area of Knowledge: Human Sciences (Economics): To what extent are innovations driven by money making?
  • Think about the language of persuasion. What language structures would you use to persuade someone to invest in your new invention, a new tech gadget?
  • While pondering the questions, read at least 2 articles from the playlist below. Examine the publication date and the source (e.g. who is writing? why? how reliable is this source?). Consider how fast tech innovation proceeds.


Session 1 PART 2 FORUM:

Based on the reading, post your opinion in a response to the question How does constant innovation in technology affect our lives? and the supplementary questions above.

Remember to clearly mention the article to which you’re referring.

Later, return to the FORUM to read what your classmates think. Also, reply to 1-2 posts on articles you haven’t read.


Your teacher may ask you to read more than 2 articles from the playlist above.

Your teacher may ask you to identify the particular features of several text types: feature article, op-ed, professional blog, personal blog, report, set of instructions, review.

What combinations of elements are used in the playlist articles? Which layout is most effective and why? Which graphics are most effective to convey the intended message and why?

Your teacher may ask you to examine the language used in the articles, for example tone or register, and the intended audience. How would you adapt the tone and register for a younger audience?