Unit 2 Session 2

Session length and engagement with your online classmates depends on YOU, so proceed to the next session whenever you’re ready. Remember that your peers await your contributions. Help them learn with you and from you!

Session 2 PART 1: Critical Thinking & Writing: a survey

How do generations view the concept of “mainstream” vs. “alternative” lifestyle?

In your F2F class, in groups of 3 or 4 design a list of questions (paper or online) that you could ask people from each age group: 13-19, 20-35, 36-50, 51-67, 68+

What questions would you ask? Review question formation and kinds of questions you might ask (here’s a list question types with examples from Hubspot and another helpful site offering tips on survey creation by Zapier). 

Session 2 PART 2: Collaboration on a cross-cultural survey

Collaborate with your forum group on the embedded Google docs you will find below.

  1. Share ideas on the guiding question
  2. Share your list of questions (ensure everyone’s voice is heard before finalising the list)
  3. Try to conduct the survey in your school, family, neighbourhood – ask a few people to answer your questions.
  4. Return to the Google doc to post your results

 If your forum group members can’t see the Google docs embedded below, HOW do you conduct your collaboration to compile the list? Be creative.  

  • You can sign up for a group board at GROUPBOARD.COM and collaborate there.
  • You can sign up for TWIDDLA for a REAL TIME collaborative session, but free accounts can ONLY use it for 20 minutes, so you must synchronise the time well to all appear at the whiteboard at the same time.
HERE is a LIVE CHAT ROOM you can use to collaborate in real time. Words you need to know: 
  • “Zaloguj się” = Log in
  • “Twój nick” = Your nickname – please use your first name.
  • “Zapisz” = Save
  • “Opcje” = Options