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Connected Learning - implementing international and intercultural online student collaboration, focused on 21st century skills

Introducing the Strengthsfinder Analyzer

If you think that online collaboration only leads to frustration, see what ideas Icelanders have developed thanks to working with students only in this way for 12 years!

If you’re tired of the constraints of formal education and need a possibility to go beyond, Connected Learning is the answer! Join our group of teachers and experts, our webinars and collaborative online modules to discover how to effectively teach core curriculum and essential competences.

Our Connected Learning project aims to help you implement 21st century skills in your classroom, through international and intercultural online student collaboration. We’re excited to see you here, poised to take advantage of our STRENGHTSFINDER ANALYZER.

The digital era is here to stay and keep evolving. The internet offers limitless educational possibilities and is an excellent way to involve students who might otherwise be neglected or omitted. Surely, due to the pandemic, you’ve already got some experience, good and bad, with teaching online. You may even be disenchanted. But we hope you’ll agree that online and especially hybrid teaching has many advantages, like promoting interactive collaboration, inquiry-based learning, and developing critical thinking skills.

Now, our definition of hybrid teaching may differ from the one you are used to. For us, it means teaching the same group of students face to face and using digital tools to collaborate with students online. Connected Learning through hybrid teaching consists of a mixture of digital and in-class activities, where students may be able to attend in-class sessions and/or digital sessions in the same time zone, or digital sessions in different time zones.

So far so good? Great! So let’s check where you stand with your own competences and tech preparation for online/hybrid teaching.

Our STRENGHTSFINDER ANALYZER aims to help you analyse your strengths and weaknesses to prepare for online/hybrid collaboration and achieve better educational results.

The survey mainly focuses on your readiness and personal attitude to become a teacher of the future! We hope our suggestions and experience will help you smoothly navigate between online and in-class lessons.

The STRENGTHSFINDER ANALYZER is divided into four parts:

  • PART A teachers' attitude towards tech and the learning
  • PART B school policies and rules on use of apps and programs
  • PART C classroom management and students' responsibility
  • PART D availability of devices & connectivity
  • At the end you will see the comments generated for your choices of answers. Suggestions and recommendations will follow. The survey is anonymous and will not take more than 10 minutes to complete. You’ll have a choice of leaving your name to receive more information on the collaboration opportunities for your classes and further professional development for yourself. Don't worry if you feel insecure; stay open-minded and prepare to become an outstanding teacher.

    If there’s a will, there’s a way! Have fun and enjoy!

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